Health Coaching: Your Guide to Personal Well-being

Health Coaching: Your Guide to Personal Well-being


A health coach is your personal cheerleader, guide, and partner in making positive behavioral changes to enhance your well-being. Health coaching is often available through wellness programs and may be recommended by healthcare professionals. 

This article explores the importance of health coaching and its relevance in our daily lives.

Who Is A Health Coach And What Do They Do?

A health coach is a professional who helps clients make sustainable and positive changes in their lifestyle to improve their overall health. They collaborate with clients to develop personalized plans for diet, exercise, stress management, and emotional support. 

Health coaches also provide education on various health topics, offer resources and referrals, and assist with goal-setting and progress tracking. Key areas health coaches address include time management, nutrition, activity, sleep, stress, and smoking.

Health coaching is a partnership based on trust and respect, allowing coaches to explore clients’ strengths, motivations for change, and possibilities for improvement. Coaches assist in identifying obstacles and blind spots, offering support and accountability throughout the process.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Health Coach?

Health coaching offers several benefits, including improved relationships, work-life balance, and life satisfaction. 

Clients can develop long-lasting habits and continue leading healthy lives even after the coaching relationship concludes. Health coaches delve into the “why” behind health and wellness, break down large goals into manageable steps, and empower individuals to help themselves.

Health coaches provide patients with health-related information, navigational support, connections to community resources, and personal assistance, playing a crucial role in facilitating impactful decisions. They help patients identify goals, create actionable plans, and support them in implementing those plans. 

Health coaches also enhance patients’ understanding of their condition, choices, and the outcomes associated with each choice.

Who Needs A Health Coach?

In general, anyone can benefit from working with a health coach to strike a balance between lifestyle and physical and mental fitness. Clients who are ready for change, aware of the need for change, acknowledge unhealthy choices or behaviors, and are prepared to make lifestyle changes can particularly benefit from health coaching.

How To Find A Health Coach

Health coaches are available worldwide, practicing in various settings and offering in-person or virtual sessions via phone or video. 

Recommendations from trusted individuals and professionals in the health and wellness field are valuable in finding a qualified health coach. Exploring health coaching websites, looking for an accredited training program and comprehensive information about the coach, and reading blogs can help assess their personality and coaching philosophy.

Health coaching can be an enriching experience for individuals at any stage of their health journey. Health coaches support clients seeking improvement, individuals dealing with specific health conditions, and those aiming to live their best lives. They empower clients to be experts in their own lives, providing personalized guidance and encouragement without prescription. 

As accountable partners, health coaches assist in designing successful action steps tailored to individual needs. Embrace the opportunity to work with a health coach and unlock your full potential for a healthier life.

If you’re interesting in working with a professional, Duke-certified health coach, schedule an appointment with me to get started.

Jerome Puryear

Dr. Jerome Puryear Jr., MD, MBA, is a Health and Well-being coach and renowned Obesity in Medicine expert. With a holistic perspective on patient care, Dr. JP is dedicated to helping individuals maximize their health and well-being.